Sunshine Series

Aluminum / Copper / Copper + Aluminum
Black Painted Absorber Panel

Ecoline Series solar collectors are made of aluminum, copper-aluminum or only copper material with a black matte painted absorber plate on the top surface. The absorber plate is the most important part of the solar energy system, this plate allows the radiation from the sun to be transferred as heat energy to the heating fluid inside.

Ecoline Series solar collector case (frame) is made of aluminum material and its outer surface is produced as electrostatic powder coated resistant to external effects. The top cover is produced as flat or tempered glass in S size (940mm/1940mm) frames and tempered or prismatic patterned low iron oxide glass in L size (1200mm/1940mm) frames. In XL size (1200mm/2040mm) cases, it is produced as low iron oxide glass with prismatic pattern.

Full sealing is ensured by using the aluminum case as glazing bead and glass gasket made of EPDM material. Ecoline Series Solar Collectors can be used horizontally and vertically.

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