As ROYAL ISI, our company, which has been one of the leading brands in our sector with our product and service understanding that cares about human and nature since 1982, is an organization that has the mission to support projects that will make your life easier and add value to life; While our solar energy and water resources are decreasing with each passing day, we are an organization whose mission is to contribute to the sustainable future and your budget by providing maximum energy savings thanks to the products we have developed.

Today, our production facilities are capable of producing 500,000 m2 of solar collectors and equipment in 20 different types and models annually. It has an export network to 30 countries in 5 continents and a domestic sales network established throughout the country. Our company, which has all quality standards suitable for national and international circulation, has become the reason of choice for many years thanks to the product quality it offers to its users with more than 40 years of production experience.

In addition to manufacturing and sales, our company, which makes significant contributions to the development of the solar energy sector in Turkey and abroad with its consultancy and project services, continues its R&D & P&D activities without slowing down. ROYAL ISI, which always adopts the principle of offering the best and most suitable product in terms of technology, quality and price, will continue to offer alternative solutions for a better and comfortable life.

Our Mission Our company's mission is to contribute to Turkey's rising targets with its dynamic staff, to achieve sector leadership by developing innovative and technological products in the Solar Energy sector it serves.

In order to serve this mission, ROYAL ISI aims to continue its existence as a competitive, institutionalized, investment-powered company that can react quickly and healthily to changes.

Our Vision To be the leading company in the solar energy sector within the borders of Turkey, to carry this goal to the world and to ensure that the İstek brand is among the top 500 most valuable brands in the world in 2023. Our Values: Honesty, Innovation, Sincerity, Reliability, Fairness & Transparency                                            

ROYAL ISI's Product Range;

Solar Energy Systems, Serpentine or Double Walled Boilers, Aluminum Towel Warmers.